What happened, where’s HurtCraft?
HurtCraft was merged into DarkLoot! (July 2019)
We did this so we can provide a better service by uniting our 2 gaming networks into 1 single, larger, more powerful gaming community. It also allows us to develop more advanced features as it’s far more efficient to work on 1 system than 2.

Will the servers be different?
No. It’s just a different name and some new features.

But where’s my VIP? I lost my VIP!
Don’t worry, you’ll still have your Hurtworld VIP in-game. Only the server name will change (eventually).
We no longer track your VIP status on the website, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have it.
To get VIP from now on, you’ll need to get some Ƌ and then use the new shop. The prices work out the same (or cheaper) plus you can change your mind and spend your darkbucks on other items, servers or games as you wish.

Okay, what about my lottery tickets, though?
We’ll convert them to DarkLoot Dollars ( Ƌ ) for you automatically.
First sign in to DarkLoot.com using the same Steam account as you used at hurtcraft.com. You should then find that you have exactly the same amount of Ƌ as you had lottery tickets. Check the Shop.
Lottery tickets cost Ƌ 1 (1 Dark Dollar) so you’ll still be able to use every ticket you had. Or, if you want, you can spend them on ranks instead!
So you can see that DarkLoot affords more flexibility and freedom to players.